Data Backup Solutions

Discover comprehensive enterprise-class backup & continuity

Your data can reside almost anywhere. With new threats emerging every day, you can’t escape worrying about losing the lifeblood of your business. You need to know you can recover from a disaster and defend against evolving threats like ransomware.

While data backups are essential, fast and easy recovery means everything when problems occur! Data loss and downtime are often enough to cause a business to close its doors. 

Secure and recover the data you want and completely adapt your cloud backups to your needs while keeping total control.  Pick what you need from the date you prefer just in a few clicks and get back to work promptly.



• Quick Recovery From an Outage: Leverage the power of an onsite appliance. Fast local restore and on-prem failover reduces unplanned downtime and makes recovering from an outage near seamless. With a disaster recovery as a service experience you can be back up and running without missing a beat.

• Simplified Backup: One appliance, one cloud makes it easy for us to spot and mitigate potential threats to better protect your business.

• Intelligent Alerts: Cut the noise. The less time we spend remediating issues, the quicker the resolution. That means a reduced risk of downtime for you. With 100% supervised backups we can be alerted to the most important issues, giving you confidence that the most critical issues are always being resolved as efficiently as possible.



• Daily Backup

Your backup is always on and backs up either automatically every day or on demand.

• Data Archiving

Easily archiving your data allows easy recovery and quick access to meet compliance requirements.

• File Versioning

Your backup program is customised to fit your needs, multiple file versions can be saved and stored depending on what you require and the length of retention.

Free Hybrid Backup solution with all online backups

Complement your cloud backup with a secure local storage for your data. Hybrid backup integrates cloud backup and local backup to deliver system recovery, rapid file restores, and disaster recovery. 

Why Hybrid Backup?

With Hybrid Backup conveniently integrated into all of our online backup solutions, you can backup or restore several gigabytes of data within minutes. You can do local backups to any mapped drive or any external hard drives.

Moreover, Hybrid Backup secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption, with an optional private key that serves as an added layer of security. Means, even if your local backup is lost or stolen, no one can ever access your files. You can either perform local backup for all of your files as and when you please, or automate the process for regular data protection, by scheduling it.