IT Support Services

Simple Solutions for Your Home & Small Business Computers

McFarland IT Solutions is strictly an on-site service provider and consulting company. We do not house hardware or software in-shop since we are not a retail provider, therefore, hardware &/or software will be ordered and billed upon delivery. Likewise, all service calls are by appointment only. 

Please see our contact Hours and service area prior to requesting support. 

Not all services offered can be done on-site. 

Service Rates

Hourly rates for all on-site service. For In-Shop work, quotes are given after proper diagnostics of the computer have been completed (if applicable). Flat-rate quotes are assigned if services must be done in-shop. 

Computer Maintenance

Health Check & Optimisation (Standard & Advanced)

Standard maintenance is for regularly maintained machines. Usually recommended every 6 months. Our advanced maintenance is for computers that have not had service in a long period of time, or have been exposed to a virus, malware or other form of security breach. 

On-site, remote support, or In-Shop. 

Dusting & Hardware Check

Add-on for maintenance or standalone service: Desktop and laptop cleanup with air-dusting - removing debris and other build up of dust, hair etc from unit to increase performance and prevent overheating. 

Security & Antivirus Solutions

Virus & Malware Removal

Removal of viruses, malware, spyware, and other forms of malicious programs from the computer. Includes our advanced ​maintenance service.​

In-Shop service only.

Minor Infection Removal

Potentially unwanted programs, spyware/adware, browser hijackers, etc. which can be remedied easily, fall under this service category and labour costs are much less.

On-site, remote support, or In-Shop. 

WiFi & Network

Connectivity Support

Troubleshoot connectivity issues, Install and configure network cards and wireless connections, configure and secure a router, create a secure network, coordinate setup preferences, connect peripheral devices to the wireless network.

New WiFi Connection Setup

Configure and secure a router, create a secure network, coordinate setup preferences, and connect peripheral devices to the network.

Security Setup & Optimisation

Update your router to the latest firmware version, implement the optimal encryption protocol for your environment, advise you on creating secure login credentials, recommend additional device(s) or software to optimally secure your network.

Tech Services & Support

Printer Setup & Support

Printer setup & troubleshooting with supported wired/wireless devices. Latest drivers installed and printer settings configured. 

New Computer Setup

New computer setup and configuration, windows updates, personalised settings, antivirus install and wired/wireless printer setup. 

Email Setup & Support

Email setup and troubleshooting for most email programs, setup IMAP/POP3 for the requested email service, import contacts/calendar entries.

Computer Training

Are you wanting to learn something new about your computer, device or software? Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and MS Office training is available, one on one!

IT Consulting

In home or in office tech consulting. Considering changing things up? We'll assist you with what you need to get for hardware, software and peripherals.

Mobile Device Setup & Support

Help with initial setup and connect to the internet, setup email account, show how to find and install applications, show how to find and get connected to a wireless network, troubleshoot any issues with your mobile device.

Data Management, Backup & Recovery

Data Transfer & Backup​

Transfer/backup user data from a healthy hard drive (with no bad sectors) to another hard drive/PC. 

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

For Windows, macOS or Linux, 100% supervised/managed backups, daily monitoring and error correction, backup files and folders, databases, etc, unlimited free cloud data recover. Servers located in Canada.

Data Recovery

Data recovery for erased/formatted or dead machines. For more extreme data recovery requirements, drive(s) will need to be handled by a recovery centre. 

Secure Format

The secure removal of data from your hard disk drives, USB sticks, and SSD's. Mainly used if you are selling or disposing of your computer's media storage.