Managed Antivirus

Fight hackers and viruses with no-nonsense security services

It can happen to anyone. Even the world’s largest companies have been hit with hack attacks. As an SMB, what chance do you have? Not much – if you go it alone. Can you afford the massive losses ransomware, breaches, and outages cause?

Don’t be a sitting duck. We have the best security team and the strongest defenses to ward off cybercriminals, so you can relax and focus on growing your business.

What makes us so special and trustworthy? We are a managed service provider (MSP), also called an IT solution provider. As experts in security technology, our staff is trained in stopping attacks and malware, and coming to the rescue on the off chance a hacker gets through. All for one low monthly fee!

Say Goodbye to Hackers, Viruses and Malware  

We not only protect all your computers, we are also an all-in-one IT provider to solve every problem, keep you on the leading-edge of technology, and make your systems impervious to hackers and malware.

A good reputation is your most valuable asset. A data breach that compromises customers’ data destroys trust that took years to build. Meanwhile, customer service and responsiveness keeps customers happy and loyal. If your clients cannot get in touch with you, they will not be clients for long.

Downtime, loss of data, or even worse, malware that spreads from your organization to customer computers,

can crush your business.

Total Endpoint Protection with TotalCare Security

Computers, or endpoints in IT parlance, are vulnerable to both old and new attacks. Our security service uses machine learning to understand and ward off cyberthreats, and can analyze thousands of URLS per second to spot malicious websites.

Our antivirus solution is installed, managed, and updated on all your computers right from our dashboard. Your DNS connection is secured against cyberattacks, stopping malware in its track before it enters the network. With our protections in place, attacks are the rare exception, rather than the rule.

We know attacks can come from anywhere. We protect against all viruses and malware, whether they come from browsers, ads, files, URLs, email, apps or other source. Because we know where all of your endpoints are, every single one is fully protected. No exceptions.

Experience the Benefits

• No More Disabled computers 

Viruses can stop computers in their tracks, and even if the machine is still running it should not be used, lest it spread more viruses. Blocking and disarming viruses ensure your machines are doing work, rather than disrupting operations.

• Safer Computing

Our services watch for signs of trouble and keep your computers safe from hackers with a rich layer of security. 

• Protection for Sensitive and Confidential Data

Viruses can steal data or use infected machines as relays to spread the virus further, threatening your other computers and damaging your reputation. These “botnets” capture your data and upload it to other machines. Our antivirus solutions also block phishing attacks so your employees won’t be tricked into giving up passwords or other personal information.

• Unified and Instant Protection Against All Threats

Our technicians are notified the instant threats are detected and take immediate action. They also always know the protection status of each machine and can remotely run virus scans, update virus definitions to ward off new threats, and see the history of blocked viruses.

• Extended Computer Lifecycle

Viruses and malware damage your computers’ file systems, slowing performance, corrupting files, and dramatically shortening their lifespan. Without these infections, machines last years longer.

Did you know …

• A ransomware attack costs on average $500 per machine to get data  back – if you can get it back at all

• Data breaches cost from $36,000 for small merchants, up to a whopping  $3.62 million for large enterprises

• An hour of downtime costs $100,000 on average.

 Sources: Virtual IT, IBM, Rand Group 

TotalCare Security - Managed Antivirus is part of our Managed Services Plan