Our Partners

Emsisoft’s roots can be traced all the way to back to 1999 when their CEO Christian Mairoll kept receiving a nasty backdoor Trojan, “Back Orifice”, from so-called ‘friends’ via ICQ. As it forced the CD drive to repeatedly open and close, his curiosity sparked. How does this Trojan work? How do I get rid of it? It was then that the first line of Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s code was written.

By 2003 what had started out as a hobby project became an anti-malware company for the masses and has been growing its staff to 40 passionate individuals today. Their team of leading experts dedicates its time and effort to defending millions of customers from the never ending stream of online threats.

Today, Emsisoft is headquartered in New Zealand but maintains a global presence through local teams across all time zones. Malware doesn’t sleep, and nor do they.


Bitdefender is a Romanian cybersecurity and anti-virus software company. It was founded in 2001 by Florin Talpeș who is currently the CEO. Bitdefender was for many years the leading anti-virus software in the world. With a global security delivery infrastructure protecting half a billion users, visionary solutions, and a wealth of awards, they have been a trusted security provider since 2001.

Bitdefender works with government organizations, large enterprises, SMEs and private individuals across more than 150 countries. They are dedicated to providing solutions to each of their challenges and needs – and their dedication proves to be successful.

With over 1,600 employees, and a team of 800+ engineers and researchers, Bitdefender is one of the most innovative IT security software vendors in the world today.


ZEROSPAM Security was founded in 2003 by CISSP David Poellhuber, long before the cloud solutions trend hit tidal wave proportions. While other appliance-based or software-based Anti-Spam providers only recently developed a cloud offering, ZEROSPAM was cloud from day one. David had his heart set on this approach from the start because it made so much sense in so many ways: better security, less resource waste and a great business model.

The company’s headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada and ZEROSPAM Security serves thousands of mid-market and enterprise customers worldwide. The company also has strong reseller networks operating in North America, LatAM, EMEA and Europe catering to SMB and mid-market customers.


ITCloud.ca is an Authorized Microsoft Multi-Tier distributor for CSPs and a Bitdefender Cloud Distributor in Canada. They have also been distributing their own supervised cloud backup solutions for 14 years. Born in the cloud, IT Cloud was established in 2005 to provide cloud backup services in the form of supervised cloud solutions to Canadian MSPs. Boasting a network of over 800 partners-resellers country-wide and tens of thousands of daily backups, our organization is among the top service providers of secured cloud backup and AV solutions as well as Microsoft cloud services in Canada. 

IT Cloud Solutions also stands at the forefront of the IT scene in terms of infrastructure and security. With ITCloud.ca, MSPs across Canada can combine Business Continuity and Productivity in one single place!