Virus Remediation & Protection in Lindsay, ON

​Keeping your computer running safe & secure

Is your computer infected with malware or another form of virus?

Is your computer running slow?

Programs not running properly or crashing?

Random pop-ups, ads or other strange behaviour?

A 'security' or 'antivirus' program claiming that you are infected and prompting for a purchase?

Windows crashing to a blue screen?

Slow internet/network performance?

Is your computer taking a long time to startup or shutdown?

Random websites and other toolbars are loading up without your request?

What you can expect from this service: 

Manual assessment and analysis of the infection(s).

Registry backup.

Removal of trojan horses and rootkits, malware, spyware, toolbars and potentially unwanted programs (PuPs).

Manual removal of any and all virus files.

Repairing or replacing corrupted Windows system files.

Security hole scan and repair.

Ensure Windows updates are downloaded, installed and up to date.

Includes our Advanced Maintenance service.

Install security and antivirus ​software ensuring your computer is safe from future threats.

A complete report of all steps performed.

What can happen if your computer does not have some sort of Antivirus installed?

• Data loss: You can be proactive and watch what you click on, download, install, etc. But Malware is getting smarter by the day. You need to have that extra shield of protection no matter how cautious you are. Don't take risks with your data! Ransomware and malware can encrypt or erase all data on your computer within seconds.

• Keyloggers and Spyware: These threats remain in the dark and you might not even know they are there until you realise your banking account was hacked and your email was compromised, among anything else you use a password for. 

• Fraud and Identity theft: Malware comes in all shapes and sizes. Most of them are out there not to destroy your computer, but to steal your information. You can't be cautious enough to outwit them all.