Wireless Networking


WiFi and Network Connectivity Support

Are you subject to slow and spotty internet? Does your WiFi signal keep dropping out?  If you can’t maintain a stable connection, or certain devices won’t communicate with each other, we can assist you with troubleshooting your network and figure things out for you.

We can also help you with upgrading your current network with better routers, WiFi range extenders, etc.


WiFi Security Setup & Optimization

Your router is the backbone of your network and the first line of defence to the Internet. Hackers and cyber criminals are exploiting unsecured WiFi connections to steal passwords and even your personal information. If you are unsure that your network is up to snuff, give us a call and we'd be glad to have a technician take a look, upgrade the firmware, configure settings for optimal performance and security. 


New WiFi Connection Setup

Are you just moving into your new home or office and you want to get things setup for your internal network? Or maybe you want to get a new router setup from scratch and get your devices connected. We can help!

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